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KeySpin Manufacturing Citizen M16 shop

KeySpin Manufacturing Capabilities

KeySpin Manufacturing is a 100% Citizen Machine shop specializing in

machined components up to 32 mm (1.25") in diameter and up to 8" long. 

We utilize our Citizen M16/M32 machines to manufacture complex parts to your exacting standards.

- Thread Milling

- Broaching

- Drilling

- Reaming

- Tapping


- Boring

- Turning

- Milling

- Sawing

- Pointing

KeySpin Manufacturing is a confidential partner to Contract Manufacturers and OEMs in the medical device, industrial, aerospace, and defense industries. 


Our Quality System has been assessed and approved to ISO 13485:2016.


KeySpin Manufacturing provides OEMs and Contract Manufacturers additional capacity.  As your trusted and confidential partner, KeySpin Manufacturing machines your components on our M16 Swiss machines to your exacting standards for specification, workmanship and documentation compliance. 


KeySpin Manufacturing is a confidential partner to
OEMs and Contract Manufacturers in


KeySpin Manufacturing machines a full range of dental implants, and accessories as well as components for minimally invasive surgical instrumentation including drill blanks, pins, shafts, guides and luers. 


At KeySpin Manufacturing, we fabricate bushings and a range of components for firearms and weapon systems. 


KeySpin Manufacturing produces Acme thread rods, pins, bushings, sleeves, guides and other components. 


Laptop Work

Rose Moreau,
Purchasing Manager,
Keystone Dental

“Working with KeySpin Manufacturing was like having our own internal machine shop. They worked with us to revise schedules and priorities based on our changing requirements; they worked side by side with engineering to prototype new product design options and they consistently delivered new products on time and to specification.”

 “Actively supporting KeySpin Manufacturing’s establishment and launch as an independent contract manufacturer enabled Keystone Dental to consolidate their manufacturing operations to one site without missing a beat in their supply chain. KeySpin provided Keystone with a full breadth of dental components, consistently on time and manufactured to specification. “

Business handshake

Top Tier
Dental Implant OEM

"KeySpin Manufacturing is unique in their ability to meet our exacting tolerance and quality standards. They are one of the few suppliers that we can trust to produce our machined component parts."

Michael Kehoe,
COO of ProCell, 
former President & CEO, 
Keystone Dental



With over 30 years of experience working in regulated environments, KeySpin Manufacturing understands the requirements and expectations for quality, workmanship, documentation, and traceability in the medical device industry.

Our extensive knowledge and skills translate beyond the medical device industry into other markets, like industrial and defense, which also demand high-quality precision machined components. Our medical and non-medical customers rely on KeySpin as their contract manufacturer and confidential partner.   

Our Quality System has been assessed and approved to ISO 13485:2016.

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